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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

We're starting to book shows in support of the new album. Our preferred window is mid-June to mid-July, with possible weekend gigs before and after. Please send serious inquiries to, including your date, city, venue, and contact information. Thanks!

Thursday, March 2, 2006

ThouShaltNot proudly announces that their new album, Land Dispute, will be released on May 23 by Dancing Ferret Discs.

Making this album was the hardest thing we have ever done. After countless setbacks, revisions, rewritings, and some very trying months, the disc is out of our hands and at the pressing plant as we speak. Land Dispute is the sound of a changing perspective, a new music, and a cathartic, often violent shedding of the past. It is a uniquely fierce album for ThouShaltNot.

In the coming weeks, we will reveal a completely new website, with many song samples, new features, and insights into the record's nature. Stay tuned. Everything is changing.

Thursday, September 8, 2005

We have finished recording Land Dispute and are in the mixdown process. You can now hear three sound clips of rough mixes from the new album on our Sound page and we'll be giving the website a total overhaul once we complete the mixing. We're racing against the clock to get it out in November, though there is a slight chance it will be pushed back to January. Keep your fingers crossed.

We also have a band new new song entitled "True Love" coming out October 11 on Projekt Records' A Dark Cabaret, an excellent compilation featuring The Dresden Dolls, Rozz Williams, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, The Brides, and a bunch of others. This disc will be available at every Hot Topic store in the country for a low price. We'll also be selling these CDs starting on the release date for just $6 apiece.

Finally, if you've not yet picked up your copy of The Projectionist, it's only $8 and is available only through our website, by PayPal to and by post (check/money order/discreet cash) to

Alex Reed
2721 Brown St.
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Also available are The White Beyond ($11), The Holiness of Now ($11), You'll Wake Up Yesterday ($9), Vier Factor (split EP with Cruxshadows, $9), and Alex's solo Better Roads EP ($6). Furthermore, as always, we have t-shirts ($15, Land Dispute or Stripe, specify size). All prices include shipping. Simply indicate what you want.

We're starting to book some more shows on the east coast. We'll keep you posted, but look out, Virginia! Till then, best wishes.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Projectionist EP is now available for mail order! We'll mail a copy for $8, payable either through PayPal or through the post (check, money order, or discreet cash to (note the new address, which will hereforth apply to all mail!):

2721 Brown> Philadelphia, PA 19130

The EP's tracklisting is:

1. The Projectionist (single version)
2. Out of the Cave
3. Inside of You, In Spite of You (Ti Bon Ange mix by Ego Likeness)
4. The Projectionist (Silent Film mix)
5. Something Dire (live)
6. Walk Away (Needlehole mix)
7. The Projectionist (Powerlines mix)

NONE of these tracks will be available elsewhere on any release. This is a strictly limited edition EP, and we are psyched to get it out to you.

Finally, ThouShaltNot recently completed a remix of Lunascape's "Mindstalking", which will be released on the Mindstalking EP on Dancing Ferret Discs, July 5. Some may recognize the voice in Lunascape as that of Hooverphonic. The song is wonderful, and the remix is delightfully slinky.

Again, the tour dates of this first leg start NOW are as follows:

Friday, July 1: St. Louis, MO
(with Tory Z. Starbuck and The Bureau)
@ Sally T's (6 Main Street, St. Peters / $5 / anyone under 18 must be accompanied by someone 18+)

Saturday, July 2: Austin, TX
@ Elysium (705 Red River St. / 21+)

Sunday, July 3: New Orleans, LA
@ The Whirling Dervish (1135 Decatur St. / $5 / 18+)

Friday, July 8: Louisville, KY
@ The Main Street Lounge (104 W. Main St.)

Saturday, July 9: Decatur, IL - CANCELLED
(with Spirit Child / Five Sorrows / Electric Automatic)
@ Wake The Dead! (1210 E. Eldorado St. / $5 / all ages)

Saturday, July 16: Washington, D.C.
@ Chiaroscuro / The Edge Nightclub (56 L St. SE, Capitol Hill / $7 / 18+)

There will be no Atlanta show this time around; sorry to disappoint. Feel free to write to us in the meantime. Take care, and see you on tour!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Below is the first leg of the 2005 Land Dispute Tour:

There may be more dates to be announced soon.

Furthermore, ThouShaltNot is pleased to announce the release of their new maxi-single, The Projectionist. This limited edition 7-track release offers a taste of the forthcoming full-length CD by ThouShaltNot, Land Dispute. On June 25th, The Projectionist EP will be for sale ONLY THROUGH THE BAND DIRECTLY. We'll be posting a message on how to order it in the next week, we promise. It will be for sale at every show that we play on the tour, and furthermore, we'll be taking discounted advance pre-orders of the full length, Land Dispute. The track order of The Projectionist EP is:

Stay tuned for ordering information, the EP artwork, and the rest of the tour dates!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Thanks to all who came out to the Cleveland show! We had a blast, and the new material was a thrill to perform.

We just finally set up a page on Please check it out. There are a bunch of photos you've likely not seen, and a streaming mp3 of Walk Away, from our forthcoming record, Land Dispute.

We're heading to Ohio tomorrow to finish the album. It's due to the label on May 29th, and so there's a ton of work to do between now and then. We will post little updates on this page and on the MySpace page as we work over the next week or so.

On the day the album is due (Sunday the 29th), Alex will be DJing at the Dracula's Ball in Philadelphia, at the Emerald City, 460 N. 2nd St. He'll be showing off a few tricks and spinning an immense variety of goth, industrial, postpunk, dancepunk, and dark alternative. If you're in town, stop by and say hi.

Lastly, the tour is shaping up. It looks like we'll be playing Madison, Columbus, St. Louis, Louisville, Atlanta, Austin, Decatur, New York, Boston, Northampton, and Dayton, and there's a strong chance we'll be able to add Chicago, Raleigh, Philadelphia, and New Orleans to that list. We'll announce the full schedule as soon as we have it. For now, though, take care, and drop us a line sometime. Ta.

Saturday, April 30, 2005

So this week we're playing at the Phantasy in Cleveland with Assemblage 23. We look forward to seeing you all there on Thursday, May 5th, at 7PM sharp! Recall that it's an early show. We will be debuting at least two new songs, both from our forthcoming album, which now, at long last, has a title. ThouShaltNot's 2005 record, due out this summer, will be called Land Dispute, and despite being concise, will be our best and most emotionally potent work to date. Exploring a near entirely different set of ideas than The White Beyond, Land Dispute grips with a new kind of intensity and intimacy. In the next week or two, we will be posting sound clips from the record, but for now, we are happy to unveil the new t-shirts that we will be selling at all our shows:

Trust us -- the shirts look amazing in person, and you can order them from us for $15 apiece (plus $2 shipping) in Small, Medium, Large, XL, and Youth/Baby. Either Paypal or send the money in check/money order/discreet cash to
Alex Reed
5850 Centre Ave. #707
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Furthermore, ThouShaltNot is currently planning our 2005 SUMMER TOUR in support of Land Dispute, and we hope to be coming through Columbus, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, Austin, Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Columbia, Louisville, Cincinnati, Charlottesville, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, Hartford, and Boston. If you promote shows in any of these cities (or anywhere else), please drop us a line, and if you simply live near one of them, be sure to pester your local venues, promoters, and DJs to bring us to your town. We want to see as many of you as possible this summer. Until then, be well, and keep in touch. We always love to hear from you.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

We've finished the writing process for the new album. It's starting to take a bit more shape, and without giving too much away, the first song will be "When I Crash" and the last song will be "Oh Invisible." There's also another new song called "The Projectionist" about which we're excited. We will be playing a large amount of our new material for the first time here:

It will be great to see Tom and the A23 crew again, and we are looking forward to playing to Cleveland's always enthusiastic crowd. This will be an early show, and we'll give more details as they arrive, but be sure not to wait too long to show up. Lastly, we will not be playing the Freezepop show in Pittsburgh next week. It is being falsely advertised, owing to a miscommunication. This is not a cancellation; we simply never agreed to the show, and Freezepop will still be playing.

In case you're looking to pick up new material, be aware that the Asleep By Dawn compilation has a brand new exclusive ThouShaltNot song on it called "Walk Away." This CD is available at every Hot Topic store in America for less than $5. Also, don't forget Alex's solo EP "Better Roads," for which there's ordering information in the news update below this one. Lastly, "You'll Wake Up Yesterday" is available on again. Now you have no more excuses.

Friday, December 31, 2004

I hope your New Year's Eve is going well. ThouShaltNot has a few plans of our own for 2005, so here they are:

Also, our new song, "Walk Away" has been released on the Asleep By Dawn compilation, which is available for $5 at Hot Topic stores everywhere! If you can't find it, contact and make sure to get your grubby hands on it. We're on the disc along with Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Cruxshadows, Eisbrecher, and a bunch of others.

In the meantime, we may be booking a few more shows, but we're at work on the new record. We're especially excited about the songs "When I Crash" and "Count To Ten". We're also amassing a good collection of remixes from The White Beyond, including versions of "Inside of You, In Spite of You" and "G.L.M." Hopefully we'll have a chance to make those available to you soon as well.

And if you haven't picked up any of our releases, all of them except the first album are available from us directly.

Shipping is $1 per CD. Either Paypal the band or send check/money order/discreet cash to:

5850 Centre Ave. #707
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Best wishes for your holidays. I got a bunch of early OMD, Kitchens of Distinction, and John Vanderslice albums, so I'll be happy for a while. Take care, and see you in New York City!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

The entire October 17th show with Icon of Coil has been cancelled. This was beyond our control.

That said, we are proud to play Masquerade 8 this year, with Black Tape for a Blue Girl and I, Parasite. This show is October 30th at the Upstage in Pittsburgh, and will be immense, featuring a costume contest, candy, and free admission to Ceremony. We will be playing a good chunk of new material too.

Also, our new song "Walk Away" will be released in the next few weeks on a very inexpensive compilation available in every Hot Topic store in America, called DJ Ferret's Underground Club Hits #1. The song is a bit more jangly than we've been lately, but we're really pleased with how it sounds and we think you will be too. The lyrics to it have been posted in the Words portion of the site.

There will be more news soon and some new tour dates, but until then, we'll quietly be mourning the passing of Jacques Derrida by ourselves.

Friday, September 3, 2004

As you may know, ThouShaltNot will be unable to perform at the Sept. 10/11 Industrial & Metal fest at Nick's Fat City. We hate to pull out of a show, and we wouldn't were it not absolutely necessary due to a scheduling conflict. This does not reflect anything badly at all on the event or its organizers. There are still going to be some amazing acts there (The Azoic, Bile, ReinForced, Dark Martyr, etc.), and we wish them the best of luck.

In brighter news, we are thrilled to announce our performance in Pittsburgh with Metropolis artists Icon of Coil and Cesium 137 at The Eye on October 17th. Icon of Coil, from Norway, are one of the most popular electronic dance acts around today, and they're quite worth checking out. Also playing will be Rein[Forced] and Agnes Wired For Sound.

Lastly, we're almost done with a brand new single called "Walk Away", which will be released on a compilation in November. It is the first full song of ours to be released in a year and we're very happy with it. The compilation will be available for a mere $5 at Hot Topic stores everywhere, and hopefully the track will tide you over until the new album, which we think now has a title, is released. That's all for now. Back to schoolwork for me.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Two more shows have just been confirmed for us, both in Pittsburgh: August 20th with Stromkern at The Eye (4814 Penn Ave.) and September 11 with Bile at Nick's Fat City (on the South Side). We're psyched to have these local shows not only as a chance to debut some of the brand new material we've been working on, but also as a warm up for some bigger shows we have coming up in October and November. Texas and St. Louis, we're looking at you.

Alex has finally released his solo EP, a 6-track recording called Better Roads. Decidedly not overblown in its production style, it is a darkly quirky offering that is being self-pressed and self-released in the DIY tradition. As such, it can be yours for a scant five dollars (plus one dollar shipping). Please email him for Paypal details or just send a check/money order/discreet cash to:

Alex Reed
5850 Centre Ave., Suite 707
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

That's most of what's going on these days. Aaron just got back from his honeymoon, and we've got a few days of rehearsal before our August 1st show with The Brides (at the Shadow Lounge, 5972 Baum Blvd.) and our Washington DC gig with Voltaire and Ego Likeness at Chiaroscuro, August 7th. We hope to see you there.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Alex is playing a solo show *this Friday* at the Brew House in Pittsburgh (21st. and Mary St. on the South Side) with This Ascension and Vequinox. The show is $10 all-ages and starts at 8pm.

Also, we have the full information on our two currently scheduled August shows:

Furthermore, the video game for which Jeremy wrote music is now online for download! The post-apocalyptic rockabilly blow-em-up game Clone Bandits features our guitarist's excusion into surf-rock, called "Devil Rocket". It's also a pretty rad game.

We're also working on a remix for our labelmates The Last Dance, and our mix of the Cruxshadows' "Cassandra" is coming out on their new EP, due out this Tuesday!

Lastly, we were just in Ohio recording drum tracks and demos for the new album, which still has no definite name, but for a peek at what we've been doing, check out a snippet of "React" on the sound page. Here's a list of the songs we've worked on, though it's by no means a track listing for the album. Some of these will be cut and there are plenty more that we've not yet written:

When I Crash
All That's Left
Count To Ten
Everything Could Change
Breathing Like A Fish
Colliding With Night
Show You

That's most of what's been going on. We've got a few more shows in the process of being booked, including one in St. Louis, so we're very much looking forward to the future. We hope this summer is kind to you. Please talk to us sometime. It's terribly dank and lonely in here surrounded by keyboards and being fed gruel.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Good grief, how on Earth did I let this go so long without an update? ThouShaltNot has been quite busy lately, or at least its members have. In May, Aaron and our longtime helper and cellist, Megan, were married in Kentucky. Many congratulations to them. Alex has also started playing some solo shows on the side, filled with all non-TSN material, and Jeremy just completed a searing piece that will go on the soundtrack of a video game, the details of which we'll soon announce.

In more relevant news, Inside of You, In Spite of You has been getting airplay on MTV as part of their makeover show, "Made". About 18 minutes into episode #406, you can hear the song loud and clear. Though we're not guests on TRL yet, the thousands of screaming teenagers can't be far off, or something. The White Beyond has been doing very well, and we're happy to announce a few more concerts coming up:

We're really happy that we're finally coming back to DC. It has been way too long. One more show of note is Alex's solo concert in Pittsburgh, July 2nd with This Ascension at the Brew House (2300 Mary St.).

We're going out to Ohio this week to start recording the new album, which has been written but not yet committed to tape. Feel free always to ask us anything and to visit the ThouShaltNot Livejournal community and Yahoo list.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

The small crowd who saw ThouShaltNot's show last week was treated to an all-acoustic set with Jeremy and Alex on piano and guitar. It was a really special performance for us, though we were saddened that Aaron couldn't be there to drum, due to a back injury. Here's hoping he'll feel better in the next few days. He'd better, because...

We'll be performing in New York City this coming Monday the 17th at CBGB's Gallery (at Alchemy) with the local act Curse opening up for us. To those of you who caught us there last time, we'll have more merch to buy (rather than just the EP and first album, which, while lovely, are not entirely representative of our sound now), and if you plan on coming out, be sure to say at the door that you're there to see us. It helps us pay for gas and parking.

Then on Tuesday the 18th, we'll be performing in Northampton, Mass. at The Haven with Razed In Black. This will be a big show, and so if you're in New England, we'd love to see you there.

Response to The White Beyond has been fabulous. It was given five stars by Butterfly Magazine and called "simply breathtaking and amazing" by Gothic Paradise. It remains, over two months after its release, in the top 5 sellers at, and we've been doing publicity for magazines all over the world. Please do pick up a copy if you've not heard it yet. It's already becoming something of a breakthrough record for us.

In the meantime, we're working on a remix for The Cruxshadows and we just wrapped up a very pretty mix for our friends in Furnace St., which will be track 1 on their forthcoming "People" CD. We've also got a handful of shows coming up again in January, both in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, though it looks like December will be a month of rest and studio rebuilding for us. Nearly all of our gear is damaged at this point and it's hurting our ability to start recording again =( . Also in the coming months, "Cardinal Directions" will be appearing in a new form on a CD released by the internet's largest goth/industrial radio station, In Perpetual Motion. More details on that as they come in.

I've started writing for the next album, and while it's awfully early to give away any spoilers, expect something a bit more raw and a down-to-earth. It's just fragments at this point. Besides, I've been terribly busy with the comprehensive exams for my Ph.D. (passed all three sections, as I was notified yesterday!), and so work on my dissertation is eating a good chunk of my time.

Anyhow, I'd love to hear feedback from you or to answer questions. Feel free also to visit the ThouShaltNot Livejournal community. Take care for now.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

ThouShaltNot will be performing the following shows in the next two months:

We're psyched to be reaching places we've not played before and performing with such excellent bands. It will also be great to have The White Beyond finally available at our shows. Response to the new album has been amazing, and in the coming weeks, we'll start putting reviews up on the site. We've also been on a veritable media tear lately, with interviews for upcoming issues of The Sentimentalist, Zillo, Dark Entries, Legends, and Defunkt, as well as in the latest Asleep By Dawn.

This week sees the release of Vier Factor 1, the four-way split single between ThouShaltNot, The Cruxshadows, Paralysed Age, and The Dreamside. In addition to the other bands' excellent tracks, ThouShaltNot offers:

Cardinal Directions
100 Generations (2nd Generation mix by Hungry Lucy)
The Final Year
Cardinal Directions (Stromkern mix)

The remixes are quite lovely, and The Final Year is an emotionally intense and grandly complex dance track unavailable elsewhere. You can order this 16-track CD from

If you haven't had the chance to pick up our new album, The White Beyond, or to read the band's notes on it, please do so. The CD is something we're very proud of and it marks a real point of growth for our sound.

As a final note, though the band is not performing at this event, Alex is organizing Masquerade 7, a large Halloween event in Pittsburgh on October 30th, featuring Razed In Black, Psyche, Oneiroid Psychosis, and Turn Pale. There's more info at We'd love to see you there.

Tuesday, September 2, 2003

The White Beyond is out today! After two years of preparation, it feels really good to unleash it on the world. This is ThouShaltNot's definitive album, encompassing themes of death, what lies beyond, and human love and weakness. At 56 minutes, the 13 songs, we feel, are better produced, more carefully written, and more emotively performed than anything we've released to date. With more clean vocals and an organic approach to electronic music, we've tried hard to make an album that ignores the trappings of genre and has an elegance unto itself. We hope you'll hear it as such.

To those who have not yet bought a copy, order it from Isotank! Incidentally, please do not pirate this album. We are all substantially not wealthy and we put a tremendous amount of time, money, and energy -- both physical and emotional -- into this.

To those who pre-ordered it, the CDs have been sent to you, although the blackout in the East delayed the albums' arrival in our hands by a week and so we weren't able to send your copies until Sunday. Apologies.

The first release party for the album is at Ceremony in Pittsburgh on Saturday, September 6! You can buy the album from Alex and Jeremy in person there, and Alex will also be spinning an hour long DJ set during the night. Several tracks from the new album will be played, and we'd love to see you there and dancing!

While you can expect a full redesign of the web site soon, for now there are a few new features, such the full lyrics to the new album and also Alex's notes on the inspiration behind and technical execution of the songs on The White Beyond. While you listen to the new album and explore the site, ThouShaltNot is currently booking shows in Pittsburgh, North Carolina, and the East Coast. We'll let you know more about those very soon. In the meantime, start requesting your favorite ThouShaltNot tracks at the clubs around you and spread the word.

Thank you so much.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

ThouShaltNot returned from tour a few weeks ago and it is not until now that I am finally recovered enough to write and thank everyone who came out to see us at the many shows we played. It was great to meet so many new people, try out some new material, and see the country. It was also a genuine joy to spend that time with Hungry Lucy, our new friends. If you want to read about the tour in depth, we have an extensive tour journal.

Also new on our website is the Words section, which has all the lyrics to every original song ThouShaltNot has officially released. We were flattered by so many people asking us for the lyrics to so many of our songs that it seemed the logical step to make them all readily available on one easy-to-navigate page.

We have two releases coming up. On September 2, our long-awaited third studio album, The White Beyond, will be out. We have sent off the master recording and artwork to the plant, and as the release date approaches, we'll be making public some spiffy details about it. You can pre-order it now from Isontank.

A few weeks after that is the release of our four-way split single. The CD, entitled Vier Factor, will contain the following tracks:

along with 4-song contributions from The Cruxshadows, Paralysed Age, and The Dreamside. We're really excited to be finally releasing a single, and many of you might encounter a demo version of Cardinal Directions on the latest Asleep By Dawn CD. The new issue of Asleep By Dawn also features an interesting interview with ThouShaltNot.

Hey! We've also finally got t-shirts!

As we take a few weeks to breathe and get back into the swing of stationary life, we hope this summer is lovely for you. Many thanks to all who wrote to us in the last few weeks. If you've not yet gotten a reply, I'm not ignoring you. Give me a day or three to wade through the rest of my email. Be well and take care!

Thursday, June 19, 2003

So, here we sit in Seattle at the Aurafice Cyber Cafe. For those of you that don't know, ThouShaltNot is currently on tour with our friends Hungry Lucy. So far we've been having a great time! If you'd like to read our incredibly long-winded commentary on the trip thus far, feel free to peruse the online Tour Journal. Tonight we play The Vogue with Hungry Lucy and Emergence. If you are in the Seattle area, we'd love to see you there. Otherwise, you can see where else we're playing on the performance page.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Without any real attempt at promotion on the site, our page has amassed over 10,000 downloads. Crazy. Additionally, for those who blog, there is a LiveJournal community now devoted to ThouShaltNot. Other than that, we're just touching up the album and booking the tour still. I hope all is well with everyone.

Monday, April 21, 2003

ThouShaltNot is pleased to announce their worldwide signing with Dancing Ferret Discs. ThouShaltNot is one of America's fastest rising darkwave acts, and their record deal with Dancing Ferret, home label to The Cr°ZZZZZ1°ZZZZZ7ZZZZZZZZZZZZxshadows, Neuroticfish, Paralysed Age, and The Dreamside, is the next step in their ascent within the worldwide gothic/industrial music scene. The band's hits, "Without Faith" and "Last Comfort" were played in nearly every goth club in United States, and ThouShaltNot will be following up their sold-out 2nd album, The Holiness of Now, with a brand new CD this summer, entitled The White Beyond. This new release is sure to be their most artistic, innovative, and accessible record yet. Additionally, in June and July of 2003, ThouShaltNot will launch a national tour with the female-fronted gothic trip-hop act Hungry Lucy. Dates will soon be announced. Dancing Ferret Discs and ThouShaltNot look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Song clips from the new album are up in the sounds section. Be aware that their mix is not final , and that they are unmastered, and hence a bit quiet and rough. Otherwise, enjoy. We're doing some last minute editing of the album, cutting a song or two, altering some harmonies. We'll be playing shows very shortly again. See you on our tour soon.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

The White Beyond is finished. We'll take a few weeks to listen to it and make sure it's perfect, but we're very happy to have the new ThouShaltNot album effectively complete. More details to come soon, but for now, expect a summer release.

Sunday, February 23, 2003

We're recording the last few vocal takes for the new album, and on March 1st, we're heading to a studio to finish the album. Mixing and mastering will take a little while, but count on seeing the album sometime this summer. In the coming two weeks, we'll put a set of soundclips from the CD up on the site. As it stands, we're currently booking our summer tour, and those on the West Coast, whom we haven't seen for a while, will not be forgotten. Apologies for the lack of concrete progress otherwise lately. Alex just handed in his proposal for his doctoral dissertation, and life has been hectic to say the least. The wait for new material will be worth it, we assure you. Until then, spread the word and feel free to talk to us about anything.

Monday, January 27, 2003

We've just announced three upcoming dates, for which there will soon be more information, but for now, know that we'll be doing the following shows:

April 30 Pittsburgh, Club Laga, with Assemblage 23
May 3 Cleveland, The Phantasy, with Assemblage 23
May 8, Pittsburgh, with SMP

We're really looking forward to all these shows, and we'll be telling you about some more soon. Within the next two weeks, Hungry Lucy and Alphaville will both be releasing albums containing remixes by ThouShaltNot. We're very proud of the work we did for both of these acts. Check it out, because both bands are made up of fabulously nice people, too. Other remixes of ours may be on the horizon as well.

As far as our music goes, the creation of The White Beyond is still very much in progress, and hopefully we'll finish it in a reasonable amount of time, but I'd rather make sure it's a great CD than rush to release it. In the meantime, Alex has posted another demo, entitled Chisel, from his folk project to keep you sated for at least a little while. Hope you enjoy it!

Lastly, ThouShaltNot is planning an extensive summer tour. If you'd like us to play at your local club, venue, business luncheon, or baby shower, let us know and we'll keep that in mind as we book shows. Hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Thanks to all those in Cleveland who were not only nice enough to come out to our concert on the 13th, but who also cheered enough to bring us back onstage for an encore! We are now 100% sold out of our self-titled debut, though you can probably find a few copies floating around in online stores. Happy hunting, as we will not ever be re-pressing this album again.

Alex and Jeremy, our illustrious guitarist, also both co-produced and performed on the forthcoming album by Nyarlathotep, the project fronted by Derek C. F. Pegritz and the disembodied brain of H. P. Lovecraft. This album, called Our Thoughts Make Spirals In Their World is the soundtrack reknowned horror author Caitlin Kiernan's new book, Trilobite: The Writing of Threshold, with which it will be sold as a limited edition package through Subterranean Press. The album is profoundly spooky and slinky instrumental music, but Jeremy and Alex's performances on guitars, keyboards, and wordless vocals are all over this rare release. This release is scheduled for early 2003.

As ThouShaltNot steps closer to completing our new album, The White Beyond, we wish you a marvelous holiday and New Year.

Monday, December 9, 2002

Alex will DJing at Ceremony in Pittsburgh on January 4, 2003. Expect a barrage of key- and beat-matched treats you A.) already love, B.) hadn't heard, but will love, C.) had completely forgotten about, but suddenly realize you love. Also, it is now confirmed that our remix of Hungry Lucy's "Telltale Shot" will appear on their US release, "Glo", due out this winter. We hope you have a lovely holiday this month, and we look forward to seeing everyone who can make it in Cleveland this Friday!

Monday, December 2, 2002

Amidst the revolutions of snow, ThouShaltNot is preparing for their final concert of 2002:

Also, we have recently received word that our remix of Alphaville's "Inside Out" will finally be released on their forthcoming album Crazyshow. This is big news for us, as Alphaville, who brought us "Forever Young" and "Big In Japan", are my boyhood idols and still quite a big name in the synthpop world.

We just finished up 2 remixes for Hungry Lucy as well, which will hopefully appear in some form on their forthcoming album. Both meditative and grandiose, our versions will appeal to fans both of ThouShaltNot and Hungry Lucy.

As we prepare for a new distribution setup, we are in the midst of creating our new album as well. Very soon we'll have some clips up at of songs from The White Beyond, which will be out hopefully late spring. The album, along with the incipient re-release of The Holiness of Now, will round out our corpus well, especially because our self-titled debut is almost all sold out! We're down to our last 15 copies in the world. If you want one more chance to pick up ThouShaltNot's first album, please email me back and let me know so I can reserve a copy for you.

Lastly, don't be afraid to spread the word about TSN. Point someone to our site or drag a friend to a concert. Got a Livejournal? List it as an interest. I did on mine. Anyhow, I hope all is well with you and yours. We've got plans to get back out West again (finally!) this summer, and we look forward to seeing everyone.

Monday, November 4, 2002

Thanks so much to all who came out to see us in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. We had a great time at these shows and hope to see you again soon. Since then, we've been fixing up a few parts of the web page (including the discography) and recording a bit.

ThouShaltNot has just finished up a set of remixes for Hungry Lucy, and those will hopefully be released relatively soon. We're also having some remixes done for us while we prepare both the release of our next CD and the re-release of The Holiness of Now, which is all sold out. We're also down to our last 15 copies of the self-titled debut album, and it will not be re-released, so email us to pick it up while you still can!

Sunday, October 20, 2002

After a long hiatus, ThouShaltNot is triumphantly returning to Philadelphia!

Furthermore, we'll be playing here in Pittsburgh on Halloween for Masquerade 6!:

We're psyched for both these shows, and hope to see you there.

ThouShaltNot's one of a kind mega rare release "Salvage" was auctioned off as a benefit for the Musicwerks fire recovery effort. It sold for a whopping $321.99. Congratulations to the winner! All this money will be sent to Musicwerks and the winner has now received the 14-track album in a handmade wooden box. Thanks to all who bid.

Thursday, August 8, 2002

ThouShaltNot is pleased to be playing:

New York City
Monday, August 12
CBGB Gallery (313 Bowery St. in the Village)

This is our first time in the city, and so we're really hoping it goes well. It's very important to us that we get a good turnout, and I promise we'll make it worth your while. If you live near NYC (or know people who do), we'd love to see you and your friends there.

It is with sadness that I report that the Musicwerks store that houses the central operation of ADSR Musicwerks, suffered a devastating fire last month. Benefit concerts and donations toward the restoration of Musicwerks have been somewhat helpful thus far. There will however, be an online auction to help fund the recovery effort, and ThouShaltNot will be donating a ONE-OF-A-KIND CD called "Salvage", featuring all exclusive unreleased and never-to-be-released songs and mixes. We will never release this CD beyond its hyper limited edition of ONE copy. As soon as Tom from Assemblage 23 has set up the site for it, we'll let you know more.

Because of this fire, if you would like to order You'll Wake Up Yesterday (or the first album for that matter), please contact us directly for now. You'll Wake Up Yesterday is $8, and the self-titled debut is $10. You can get both for $15. It is with both pride and sadness that I report that The Holiness of Now, our 2nd album, is temporarilly all sold out. I'll keep you posted on the news of a re-pressing of that.

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

School is letting out and I'm buying new music gear: it must be summer. ThouShaltNot will be playing the following shows this summer:

The Pittsburgh show will feature live strings and at least one or two reworkings of older songs. There will almost certainly be more shows as well. We're crossing our fingers about shows in Cleveland, Atlanta, and a few other cities. If you want us to play your town, email me about it and I'll look into it.

In other news, we just spent two weeks in a recording studio working on a large amount of new material of all styles. It will be exciting to see what comes out of all of it. We'll be posting some of it to in the next few days.

You also probably don't yet have our latest 75-minute EP, You'll Wake Up Yesterday. You can order it online or you can email me directly about it. It is a limited edition run of 499, and there are only a few left. It features new tracks, remixes, live material, covers of The Cure, NIN, and David Bowie, and also our cult hit, "If I Only Were a Goth".

We have also been busy in the remix field. We recently finished a remix for Mindless Faith, and will be working on a few others soon. Regardless of whether you are a hobbyist or a pro, let me know if you'd like to construct your own version of a ThouShaltNot song, and I'll give you what you need. Don't be afraid to try.

Wednesday, May 1, 2002

Very happy 23rd birthday wishes go out to Aaron, ThouShaltNot's esteemed drummer/programmer/engineer!

Alex has just finished up his first year of graduate school, and is taking some time to focus on ThouShaltNot at last. For the next month, he and Aaron will be locked up in a top-secret undersea monorailed lair where they will work extensively and intensively on several projects, including Alex's folk album.

We also have several concerts coming up this summer. Though more information will follow, for now, we can tell you:

Expect shows in Washington DC, Atlanta, Cleveland, Connecticut, and Indianapolis, too. We'll keep you posted.

Thanks also to everyone who came out to see our show with VNV Nation and Haujobb. It was a very special night for us and we appreciate your sharing it with us. You'll Wake Up Yesterday has been selling like the gothic hotcake it is. In its limited run of 499, it will be gone soon, so snag your copy before it disappears into someone else's greedy hands. Furthermore, we just learned that The Holiness of Now is down to its LAST 25 COPIES. We are talking about a possible re-pressing of it, but do you really want to wait for all that? Of course you don't. Order it while you still can. Additionally, our self-titled debut album is nearing the sell-out point. Be warned that barring unforseen circumstances, we will NOT be re-pressing that album. This may be your last chance to pick it up.

We hope you have a lovely summer and we hope to see you.

Friday, April 12, 2002

You'll Wake Up Yesterday is finally available online. Order it here. Also, if you live anywhere even remotely near Pittsburgh, there is no excuse to miss our show this Monday, April 15 with VNV Nation and Haujobb. Doors open at 8 PM at Club Laga at 3609 Forbes Avenue.

Thursday, April 4, 2002

It's been a few days since GothCon, and we're still recovering! The show went wonderfully, everyone was great, and New Orleans was a lot of fun. It was very cool to meet so many interesting and fun people, and everyone seemed to enjoy our set. My blisters are still healing, but Alex and Jeremy made it through without a scratch. We should have some pictures up soon. We had a journal going for about the first four hours, but the drive really killed any motivation that we may have had. Hope to see everyone the 15th in Pittsburgh!

P.S. Sorry about the problems some of you had connecting to the new site; there was a misunderstanding with our ISP, but everything should work now. If you have any problems connecting, email me: foo AT thoushalt DOT net.
Posted by Foo

Friday, March 15, 2002

Tonight is the Second Annual Dark Arts Expo at 1470 West in Dayton, Ohio. The map link on their page is broken, so here's one that should work: Map of 1470 West
Come out and see: Neurepublik, Monster in Your Closet, Godfly, Temple of Misery, ThouShaltNot, and Gossamer! The doors open at seven, and it should be a great show... hope to see you all there!
Posted by Foo

Tuesday, March 5, 2002

Monday, April 15, at Club Laga in Pittsburgh:

VNV Nation

Trust us. You do not want to miss this show, arguably the biggest ThouShaltNot has ever played. Need we say more?

Monday, March 4, 2002

We are thrilled to announce the incipient release of ThouShaltNot's third album on ADSR Musicwerks: "You'll Wake Up Yesterday". This is a collection of remixes, acoustic versions, covers, new material, and live recordings which we have been dying to release and for which there has been considerable demand. Surprisingly, what makes this album so strong is its overall flow, which is rare for such an eclectic CD, but rest assured, ThouShaltNot's musicianship here is cohesive and readily apparent. It will be a very limited edition release of 499 copies, so we'll be letting you know how to order/reserve a copy.

"You'll Wake Up Yesterday" will be officially released on March 26th. Clocking in at over 75 minutes, its tracklisting is:

Also, ThouShaltNot is playing Dayton Ohio for the first time in a scant 3 weeks. We will be participating in the second annual Dark Arts Expo at 1470's on Friday, March 15. We'll be taking the stage around midnight, and will be premiering at least one or two new songs.

If you are up for a roadtrip, then head down to GOTHCON 2002 in New Orleans. Playing alongside the likes of Mindless Faith, The Machine in the Garden, Judith, and a huge host of other fabulous acts, ThouShaltNot will be performing on Saturday night, March 30th, at 10PM. The festival of all things dark and pretty runs from March 28-30. This event is a charity benefit for AIDS research, and frankly needs more ticket sales. There will be hundreds and hundreds of people from around the world there, so please support a good cause while having a great time and seeing us unveil a plethora of new tricks.

Our parody swing/big-band cover of Front 242's classic "Headhunter" is taking clubs and internet radio by storm. Download your very own copy!

Additionally, Alex has begun work on his solo dark folk album. No news as to release dates, but you can check out the first demo for it. He will be playing out live with this project before too long.

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

A big thank you to all those who came out to see us in Detroit last weekend! We had a great time and look forward to coming back soon.

We're moving forward in our progress on this webpage, adding more and more features all the time. Feel free to explore and see what we're putting in as we make time to do so. Between preparing our album for this March and more shows, we've been up to our necks in work.

Thursday, January 10, 2002

We just found out that we've been named Best Gothic/Darkwave Artist 2001! Check it out at The RhythmUS Network. A big thanks to all our supporters!

Sunday, August 5, 2001

Sales for ThouShaltNot's new album, The Holiness of Now, have been great. Thanks to all who have bought it and thanks to the DJs who have spun it. "Last Comfort", "Embrace the Sun", and "Without Faith" are tearing up goth clubs all across America. Please support the band and our fabulous label and pick up your very own copy at Musicwerks. The first few reviews of the album are in as well, and they are fantastic! If you write or find any other reviews of The Holiness of Now, please let us know.

Also, Alex and Aaron have been working their tails off in planning live shows and new releases. The following concerts are scheduled:

We're psyched for these shows and hope to see you at them. In the meantime, Alex has been remixing like there's no tomorrow and there is mumbling of a limited edition CD of rarities, remixes, live recordings, covers, and demos. This somewhat quirky collection will possibly see the light of day shortly before the release of the next(!) ThouShaltNot album, which is now written and is entering the demo stage.

Congratulations to Aaron, who has just taken up residence in Southern Ohio with a fat-paying web design job. Hopefully he'll use some of his new skiznills to give this site a much-needed overhaul. As of Monday, August 13, Alex will be an official Pittsburgh resident. These changes will open up a new world of possibilities to the band, but worry not, the two are still very much working together.

On a final note, we discovered that unbeknownst to us, our cover of David Bowie's "Within You" from the Labyrinth soundtrack has been available at this whole time at this page. Enjoy!

Monday, June 25, 2001

We are proud to announce that ThouShaltNot's 2nd album on ADSR Musicwerks, The Holiness of Now, is fully released and available. You can nab your very own copy either at Musicwerks, the official store of ThouShaltNot's record label, ADSR Musicwerks, or by sending a $11 in the form of a check, money order, or discreet cash to:

Alex Reed
5 Dayton Dr.
Hanover, NH 03755

Buying direct from the label ensures that they'll continue to release our albums. Buying direct from us ensures that we continue to make albums for ADSR to release. Either way is great.

Also, thanks to all who came to our pre-release party in Cleveland in May. If you've got a stamped postcard from that show, drop it in the mailbox!

Here is the official press release for the new album:

ThouShaltNot is the collaboration of Alex Reed and Aaron Fuleki, two classically trained musicians of considerable breadth and talent. Alex, the chief songwriter and vocalist, has appeared on CDs since 1996 as an electronic musician, jazz pianist, and composer of string quartets and concertos. Aaron brings a experienced rock background to the duo, both in his drumming and his fine engineering skills. Based in Pittsburgh and Columbus, Alex and Aaron have worked with Alphaville, Peter Murphy, Cruxshadows, Bella Morte and Attrition. Through its development, ThouShaltNot has become an epic sounding project of intense power, accessibility, and lyricism.

The Holiness of Now is ThouShaltNot's sophomore effort on ADSR Musicwerks and is a profound step forward for the band. The somber album has an undying glimmer of hope at the soul of its composition, and nowhere is this more evident than in its figurehead song, Without Faith. Without Faith (track 3), Last Comfort (track 2), The Sting (track 5), and Embrace the Sun (track 8) are perfect for club and radio play. Seldom has a darkwave album had so much depth and catchiness all at once. Not only are individual songs strong in The Holiness of Now, but the total experience of the album is unlike any other. From Soren Grey's initial explosion to the massive 11-minute In Hopes of Flight, ThouShaltNot has created an ambitious record.

Plenty of East Coast and Midwest shows are in the works for this team. They are as energetic onstage as they are refined in the studio. Watch for them as they tour and appear on compilation CDs. Their covers of songs by Nirvana, The Cure, Tears for Fears, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and David Bowie have already become immensely popular both on tribute albums and at live shows. ThouShaltNot is a group to follow -- a band whose talent and dynamic will ensure a long and impressive future.

Also, we are on yet another compiltion CD. Our song, The Sting (Proto Mix), appears on the Chartreuse Translucence Sampler CD, along with 35 other tracks for only 8$!. Get info on this fabulous compilation CD here.
And we promise, a major web site update is coming soon. Expect big big changes.

Thursday, March 8, 2001

Yes, our first update of the new year! (It's been a while, eh?)
After much hard work, the new album, "The Holiness of Now" is almost complete. You can expect to hear many new sounds on this disc, including live string quartets and a gospel choir :) We're very excited about this release, as we feel it is not only more club friendly than our first, but it takes some strong steps forward in its production, songwriting, and artistic vision.
For those of you who can't wait, here's the finalized track listing:

  1. Soren Grey
  2. Last Comfort
  3. Without Faith
  4. In the Tower
  5. The Sting
  6. Credo
  7. The Greater Good
  8. Embrace the Sun
  9. A Trace
  10. In Hopes of Flight

You might recognize some of these from recent live shows (although those are probably different mixes), and many of them are completely new.

We have a planned double-release party with our friends Phantom Tribe on May 5th 2001, at the Phantasy Nite Club in Lakewood, Ohio. Details will be posted as we get them.

We also have a track called "Trench Warfare(Midnight Mix)" appearing on a new compilation, "Only Sorrow", a benefit for the Ellen Claire Lawrence Memorial Scholarship. Bands include The Cruxshadows, The Azoic, The Razor Skyline, Oneiroid Psychosis, ThouShaltNot, Tri-State Killing Spree, Audra, Faith and Disease, The Unquiet Void, Sleepless, Paris Burning, Second Skin, Deathwatch Beetle Repairman, and Coven XIII.

Tuesday, December 19, 2000

The new album is very close to completion, though the mixing period will take a bit longer this time, as we are looking for a more professional and balanced sound for this record, which will be called "The Holiness of Now". On December 1st, we played a packed show in Columbus and had a fabulous time. This was Sarah and Megan's last show with ThouShaltNot, as Megan is moving to New York and Sarah is starting work on her own musical projects. Working with both of them has been a blessing and we wish them luck in all they do.

We'll be playing at The Symposium in Cleveland on January 20th with Dragonfly Reel and our old friends in Gossamer. This will be a solid and exciting show no doubt. Until then, Alex is busy working on his applications to graduate schools, where he will study for his Ph.D. in music composition (knock on wood). More news on that as it becomes available.

In the meantime, have a joyous Christmas, Solstice, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, and New Year.

Sunday, October 15, 2000

ThouShaltNot is playing Outland in Columbus on Tuesday, October 17th with Furnace St. Show up and brace yourselves. This will be a great show! Doors at 9, $5 admission. Also expect a show in Buffalo, NY on November 4th. More details to come on that one...

A short spring tour is in the planning stages! Expect shows in Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Louis, Kansas City, Iowa City, Minneapolis, Madison, and Toledo. We'll also be doing some East Coast shows in the meantime.

ThouShaltNot recently played Chicago again and had a great time, despite the fact that the Chicago scene is completely apathetic in every way. It's a shame. The outing was a veritable schmooze-fest in which we were lucky enough to hang out with Martin, Simon, and Christine from Attrition, Ned from Stromkern, and the legendary Martin Atkins (of Invisible Records, Pigface, Ministry etc.) and Chris Connelly (of WaxTrax!, RevCo, and Finitribe). Thanks to ^batty^ and Loon for helping out with the show, and thanks to Simon, whose drunkenness was more than enough entertainment for the night.

On a compilation called Subhuman just released on Hard Disc records in Japan, we have a brand new remix of "Cracked", which takes the danceability and energy of the song up a few notches. We're really pleased with it. You can hear this exclusive remix at our site. Other bands appearing on his comp include Dive, Attrition, Biopsy, and Diverje.

We also have two covers released on tributes. Bowienet members can download ThouShaltNot's elegant cover of David Bowie's "Within You", and those of you lucky enough to get your hands on the massive 14-CD "Pink Pig" tribute to The Cure will be treated to our ultra-mellow ambient/jungle version of their B-side, "Pillbox Tales".

There are always new reviews coming in. Email us if we've missed any that you've seen.

In other news, ThouShaltNot is mostly done with its new album, "The Holiness of Now". We will not be releasing it until the end of March, however, as we want to take extra time mixing and mastering it to make the cleanest and highest quality record we can. Expect some big steps forward from this release.

Comments, critique, praise, questions, and propositions are encouraged as always.

Thursday, July 27, 2000

At least one review of our live show has inquired about a song or two that you may have heard live but is unavailable on our ADSR debut. Without giving away too many of our secret weapons, we have made yet another unreleased new song available on "The Sting" is one of our favorite concert-openers and most gigantically brooding pieces yet. Be sure to check out the other songs we have there as well.

Also, there is a new member of the ThouShaltNot family. Alex has taken in a white longhaired kitten and named her Melotron. She enjoys walking on mixing consoles and plaing with microphone cables, so hopefully we'll have some pictures up on the website soon. Her eyes are different colors.... Aaron and Alex are quite infatuated with her.

Other shows in the future (always with more to come):

August 11 - Cleveland with Cruxshadows (Symposium)
August 12 - Charlottesville, VA (Tokyo Rose)
Sept. 15 - Cleveland with
Apoptygma Berserk,
VNV Nation,
Noxious Emotion
Assemblage 23 and more! (Phantasy)
(This show will be HUGE)
Sept. 20 - Chicago with Attrition (still waiting on a venue confirmation)

There will be more dates with Attrition, possibly in Indianapolis, St. Louis, and more...

On a side note, Alex turned 21 on July 24th. No longer will he be banned from clubs in which he is playing.

Thursday, July 6, 2000

ThouShaltNot will be playing at the Symposium in Cleveland on Friday, August 11th with Cruxshadows. This will be our first show at the Symposium since October. If you haven't seen us recently, there's a lot you're missing.

The next day, Saturday, August 12, we'll be driving down to Charlottesville, Virginia to play at The Dawning, located at Tokyo Rose. With any luck, we'll be playing plenty more shows this summer and fall. Possible mini-tours are in discussion with Attrition, Soil and Eclipse, and Bella Morte. We're excited. You should be too.

Also, EXCLUSIVE ThouShaltNot songs are starting to pop up on compilations here and there.

Look for:

Our cover of David Bowie's "Within You" (which some of you may have heard on tour), hopefully available soon at BowieNet.
A brand new track, "Trench Warfare (Midnight Mix)", which will be appearing on a compilation along with Oneiroid Psychosis, Faith and Disease, The Unquiet Void, The Razor Skyline, Cruxshadows, and many others.

A very mellow cover of The Cure's old b-side, Pillbox Tales, to be released on the gigantic 13-CD PinkPig tribute to The Cure. We have also been talking extensively with Alex's boyhood idols, German synthpop legends Alphaville and will very likely be working with them in some capacity in the future.

Always busy in our studios at RobotGodLabs, we have ninenew original songs completed, which will be appearing on the next album, sometime in the distant future.

We have had numerous requests that we post the lyrics to our song "If I Only..." Due to copyright paranoia, both in fear of being sued and of having our material stolen, this song will remain part of our live show only. Maybe on a compilation, someday....
Lastly, we've started compiling all the reviews of our ADSR debut and our performances. If you have seen any that we don't have here, send them to us!

Wednesday, June 21, 2000

Finally, a long awaited update!
There are lots of new pictures on the Sights and Sounds page, and a few bugs have been fixed. We should be getting some new info up this week, as well as some scans and such from some recent shows.

Sunday, April 2, 2000

We'd like to thank everyone who came out and saw our shows during our tour in March. The 7000 mile trip went wonderfully and without a hitch excepting the new transmission the van needed in Phoenix. It was great to meet so many of you on the road. Special thanks goes out to all those who booked us, played with us, let us sleep on their floors, and gave us their music.

Amazingly, we actually made a profit along the way. We were psyched to celebrate with the whole $24 dollars we netted over two weeks.

Read our tour journal here.

Our debut on ADSR Musicwerks has been selling very well, and within a week, you'll be hearing it at clubs and on the radio. For those who want more, we also have at least three compilation appearances in the very near future, all exclusive tracks.

We have also recently completed remixes for Alphaville and Peter Murphy which will be on upcoming releases by both artists.

Much to our chagrin, it has been called to our attention that the first printing of our album was created with two seconds of silence between each track, while the master recording was intended to be heard as a continuously flowing album. ThouShaltNot feels that this error is detrimental enough to the impact of the album that to those who purchased our CD BEFORE March 17th, we will send you a corrected CD at no charge beyond the dollar it costs to ship. Simply send your empty jewel case and one dollar to the address below and we will replace your CD. You may of course keep the first printing and do with it what you wish, though we encourage you to give it to someone who would enjoy it.

1189 Beall Ave.
Wooster, OH 44691

Though there are no confirmed dates for more ThouShaltNot shows, be on the lookout in Cleveland, Columbus, and Pittsburgh. We're looking forward to playing locally again and to opening for others as they come through our neck of the woods.

Monday, March 27, 2000

We're back from our Spring US tour. Check out our Spring 2000 Tour Journal. Soon there will be images from the road to be found there as well.

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