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What kind of band are you?
We won't argue with what you call us for the most part. Electronic, Postpunk, Gothic, Industrial, Light Jazz, Klezmer, it's still rock 'n roll to me.
What's the story behind the band name?
A combination of self-denial and timelessness seemed, at the time of naming, ripe for harvest. And for what it's worth, the band name is one word -- not three.
Where can I find your music?
Not only at our product page but also at Isotank or at If your local music stores do not carry it, tell them they need to! Our record label is Dancing Ferret Discs.
Who is this Foo I keep reading about?
Aaron Fuleki is known to many as Foo (see his last name). If you get confused at all, just remember they're the same person.
How did Aaron and Alex meet?
In his first year of college, Aaron lived down the hall from Alex, also a freshman. On an unlrelated note, Aaron's roommate never went to classes. He sat in his room, smoked several pounds of pot a week, and talked about techno music. He also did not change his clothes. Anyway, Aaron played drums in several campus bands (mostly surf rock and folk) and Alex did his own freaky industrial thing. Alex kept forgetting Aaron's name and calling him Jason. As the only tech-heads on campus, they became more interested in each other's musical work and grew to be friends. Aaron officially joined the band sometime in the spring of 1999.
How did Jeremy and Alex meet?
One fateful night, Alex went to Pittsburgh to see Faith and the Muse. Jeremy happened to be in the opening band. That night, both Alex and Jeremy stayed at promoter Kelly Ashkettle's house. They proceeded to jam. With Alex on piano and Jeremy on acoustic guitar, the duo performed a rendition of "Closer" in the style of Dave Matthews band to the delight of the entire audience (three close friends). It was then clear what needed to be done.

A few weeks later Alex asked Jeremy to join the band. Jeremy played his first show with ThouShaltNot at Dracula's Ball in Philadelphia on the first of September in 2001.
When are you playing in my city?
Our concerts page should have the current booked shows listed. If you want to see us play somewhere, email us and we'll see what we can do.
Who did the cover art for your albums?
ThouShaltNot's self-titled debut featured the piece "Sohum" by Aradhna Singh. The Holiness of Now featured two pieces by Matt Bauer. You'll Wake Up Yesterday had beautiful artwork by Christine Kozol and Freeway. The artwork for The White Beyond is a Magnus Enckell painting.

What other musicians have appeared on your albums or in your concerts?

What are Alex, Aaron, and Jeremy's signs, favorite color, and social security numbers?


Aaron, a.k.a. Foo:


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